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I think that when it popular media rules our lives with the way we receive information. I feel that it is very hard in our day in age with the progression of the internet and the different opinions that are able to be shared through that. It is very hard to receive information about something that you want to know about without having an opinion already formed by the way the information is presented. Some examples that I had found were not too hard to find and I wasn’t shocked by this at all. Donna Brazile admitted that her president of where she had been working at the time helped the Clinton’s rig the 2016 Democracy Primary, however multiple networks did not let this information out. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt had been receiving many death threats and two periodicals of the far left had criticized the politician and even attempted to justify the threats being made. These are extreme cases of what I have an issue with media today. I believe that people need to not just read and accept everything that they find out about the world today and actually look into what they want to know more about instead of believing the first thing they see. 

Privilege post

If i am remembering correctly the activity that we did had to do with the colored coins that we had to trade up for in order to be considered in the elite group. After the first two rounds or so it became nearly impossible to climb the economic ladder. This to me let a light bulb go off on the top of my head, because it correlates directly to people in the United States and how difficult for the poor to climb this ladder and how easy it is for the rich to stay on top and get even richer. The part that was the most eye opening for me was when the elite got to make their own rules for the game we were playing which made it nearly impossible for anyone who wasn’t rich to make some of these theoretical dollars.


From the activity that we learned this week it was a very eye opening for me. I was in a small group and we had a discussion on how our country will be able to dispel racism. The people in my group along with myself agreed that the best way to overcome this deeply rooted thing in our nations history is to teach future generations to be more accepting and loving of everyone. This will all come with time. It was stated in our small group that racism is taught not inherited through genes obviously. In order to change our culture of the way we treat people that are different than us the people that are alive today need to make an effort to not follow in the hateful footstep of our previous generations. Having said this not everyone of older generations is hateful in that sense, it is just a few bad apples that could potentially ruin the whole bunch.

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I think that privilege is a very interesting thing to think about especially when it applies to yourself.  I feel as if a lot of people take advantage of the privileges that they have in life because they are things that we as people would assume to be a norm. However these norms are in everyday life are only specific to me because nobody in the world lives identical lives. Things such as gender, race, handicaps, and even age all shape the privileges somebody has. For me one thing that stood out to me the most that I take advantage of is my financial and physical ability. What I mean by this is the fact that I can live comfortable and for the most part do whatever I would like to do with my life because my parents were fortunate enough to provide more than enough for my family from a financial stand point. I have had the chance to travel and see and experience things because of sports or vacations that many people that I know have not or will ever get the chance to experience. I also am very fortunate to be a very healthy person, I have no handicaps or conditions that would give me a disadvantage in life. As for the privileges in in my life that I don’t have because of race, these are the things that are more identifiable to me because I want to have them. I think about the fact that sometimes I get treated differently from other people because of my skin color all the time, or the fact that I am biracial. These are a hindrance to me when I go out with my friends or go into stores or people’s first impressions of me. I also would like to mention that this doesn’t happen to me all the time, but enough times that I am aware of it in particular situations.

Cultural Self-Assessment

Elliott Rubio



Cultural Self-Assessment

In the United States of America, we have many times been described as the “melting pot” in many different aspects of life. We have a wide range of social classes from the very rich to the very poor and everything in between that living here. There also is a wide range and variety of different ethnic groups and races as well as opposed to other place around the world, because of the fact that we are a nation founded by immigrants, and through history we have been welcoming of anyone coming to start a new life from all over the world. Now in the present day everyone else has settled in and built up many generations that have intermingled with each other and lived side by side. This has created different ways that we think about who we see as the same and who we see as different whether it is good or bad. In the paper I am going to look more in depth about the perceptions I have of myself and people that are different to me.
When I came to be around the age that I started to be able to think more freely for myself and to begin to further explore who and what I am as a person, I learned from both of my parents that I was very different from the people around me. My father was a white man while my mother on the other hand was a black woman. This meant that I was biracial male that was raised in a predominantly upper class area, and the people around me were all typically white males and females. This in usually was a constant topic that my parents discussed with my brothers and I, the fact that we were a very small percentage that made up my neighborhood and even my county. This meant that we need to be very prideful in who we were and what made up our identities. I was initially born in the very large city of Chicago, but by the time I turned five or six we had packed our bags and moved 30 minutes north of the city to a town called Highland Park. When I was very young religion was never pressed upon me, however it surrounded me because of my mother’s side of the family. When I got a bit older however and actually began to understand what made up Christianity I actually turned away from it, and up until this point I would consider myself to be agnostic. Also from my father’s side of the family they are all either native German or Spanish, so I had the opportunity of speaking either of the languages growing up, but my parents decided only having me speak English as a young boy. Being born in Chicago and then living very near the city all my life, and also being exposed to a lot of different culture and social classes that I have experienced through travel has really opened my eyes to the different lives people live. Just from people in my immediate life who went to my school, most of the kids in my grade lived very luxurious lives. While in contrast I had kids on my soccer team who lived on the opposite ends of the spectrum, both of their parents worked very hard job hours in order to provide for the children. Through travel I have experienced the lives of people in third world countries and that was very eye opening for me. Those experiences especially taught me a lot of life lessons as well as perspective about the world.
I have experienced many different cultural groups that are I was not a part of simply because there were not a lot of people like me that resided in the same social class as me thought out high school and middle school. Since I was a biracial male I never saw anyone that was like me in the part of Illinois that I lived in. Most everyone that I knew that was knew to be in my social class were for the most part all white males and females. On the other hand, I knew a few people of color, but all of them were black. Of the black people that I knew that went to my high school none of them resided in the within the same social class as I did.
What I was taught about the other social classes around me was that people that were in the working class or the lower class was the value of hard work that they held. I learned this from both of my parents because that was the environment they grew up in. My mother’s side was quite poor and she was one of seven children. What I took in from my mother’s side of the family is that no matter what one would choose to do with their lives they must always take care of family whether it be immediate family or extended family. I have always had a tremendous amount of respect for the people around me that work long hours or were not fortunate to be able to afford a college education, but still manage to provide for the people that they care about. I have never looked down on people that are in a low social class than I have, because I have come to the understanding that nobody wants to be in that situation. Sometimes there are external factors that one may not be able to control. I always felt that people in the lower/ working classes have a very strong bond between family and friends that is strengthened from economic adversity. I think that these people are less educated in a sense of schooling, I feel that people in these lower social classes have either not gone to college or have gotten degrees that are not considered for a higher level of learning. My parents also had a very strong belief in treating people equally. They made sure that my bothers never judged because of their education, how much money they make, or what they have. To me none of those things are important when it comes to my judgement of a person. Some concrete evidence of this is some of my best friends growing up is a very diverse group of people from a socio-economic stand point. I have had friends that have had much more money and bigger houses than I have and I have had friends who were going through a very tough time financially. Regardless I always saw them as equals to me and I never preferred one of the other because of what they had.
Having parents with different races was very interesting with me and my brothers growing up through our youth and even now into my young adulthood. My mother side of the family has strong ties the civil rights activism. My grandfather started the first African American newspaper in southern Illinois. On top of that my father’s side of the family who is white looked down on black people and removed themselves from my life, because my father married a black woman. Having that said my general perception since I could remember was that white people see me as less than they are because I am black. For this reason, even though I am a mixed race individual I tend to represent myself as a black man. That however is not everyone white person that I have met, but since moving to Utah as well that is the feeling that I get from people who are older than me and my own age sometimes. The way that I see the United states I feel as if white people are more intelligent than black people. As for other cultures such as Asian Americans what I have learned about their race is that they typically hold strong values of education and respect for people in ingrained in their cultures, that is just from the people that I have met and experienced in their homes and with their families. I do think that Asian American are more intelligent than African Americans. As for Latin Americans there is an extreme focus on work ethic, and tightness with people that they let into their inner circles. I have experienced that Latin Americans are very accepting of people. However, I do feel that from an educational stand point I feel that African Americans and Latin Americans are viewed as the same. My world view of all these different types of races is indifferent these characteristics that make up a person in which they can’t control has nothing to do with the way that I would judge them. I only judge people by the way that they treat me and the way that they treat other people.
For the information having to do with different social classes than my own has been strictly developed from personal experiences. My “teachers” in my life have been mostly my parents and my close family. I have bene explicitly raised not to have preconceived ideas about a person before I get to know who they are. Even when it comes to white people have though that group of people has treated me the worst throughout my life, and I have never treated another white person who I don’t know differently just because of how I have been treated in the past. I can definitely say that this is a problem in this day in age that people experience a small portion of a certain demographic and base that experience on everyone they will ever meet that fits inside of that specific demographic. I try to stay very conscious of this issue and stray away from it when I feel that I am falling into stereotyping people. I will say that for other people the media is very powerful when giving an idea of different races are like. Typically, when it comes to white people I tend to see them on the news as well educated, and victims of crime. While on the other hand I tend to see minorities such blacks and Latinos as seen as uneducated and unlawful types of people.
For economic classes I have learned a majority of what I know from my family and also from people that I have that are very close in my life. In the case of my family I have learned the way I should treat people who are in a lower social class as I am. As for the people in my life that are close to me I have gained experience by seeing how they live their lives, being on my soccer team the people that I played with were typically in a lower social class than I was. I’m not sure how that came to be, but that was who I grew up with. The media has definitely had an effect on how I perceive social classes and even my own. Although I may not really believe in this, but the media portrays the lower/ working class as lazy. It also makes it seem that tax payers money is spent on the lower/ working class in excess. I don’t find this to be true at all because of the friends that I have and the time that I have spent with their families, I feel that this is a blanket statement. For my own social class, I see that the media portrays us to be snobbish and entitled, which I also disagree with and believe this to be a blanket statement.
In conclusion when reflecting on what I have already experienced with intercultural communication I want to play a better role in society by breaking these stereotypes that have been built up so many negative connotations in this country about certain groups of people of social groups. I also want to make sure that I do a better job in celebrating what makes people different in his country, because everyone grows up differently and having people share and be proud of their upbringings will make this place better to live in.


Post 4

I think what has stood out for me so far about what we have learned about is how interesting interactions between different cultures, race and sexes are. Specifically the way that humans natural have certain basis’s about other groups of people without even thinking about it. That its not really meant to be intentional or hurtful it is just because of the way one is brought up in a certain culture that drives them to act that way. I read into this specifically because I have always found it interesting the way people interact within their own groups and how people treat others because they are simply different either because they look or act a particular way, or simply that they are male or female. I always try to take away what I learn form this class and make an honest effort in being conscious of those things that are made out to be social norms in my society today. From the video we watched in class I was very inspired by the fact that this woman against all the odd stacked up against her in life over came adversity and the labels that were placed on her simply because she was a single mother that was trying to earn herself a degree. I feel that in life people are so willing to accept the place that the world places them in without trying to fight it or make their situation different. I took a lot away from what she had to share about her life, and I want myself to sort of emulate her mentality on life. She is a very strong headed person and I think everyone should try and take a page out of her book.

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I think that there should definitely be laws that accommodate to other languages. Our country especially is founded from immigrants and for that reason alone we should definitely have open arms to immigrants and have laws that are specifically meant to either aid them or better guides them in our country.
I have not stated my service learning project yet, but I was thinking about going to a local middle school and volunteering to help out with extra curricular activities. I think that would be great because I love helping kids in sports and a lot them come to the uvu soccer games so I also think may be just as fun for them to get to know me.

Chapter 3 &4 orverview

I thought that the concept of Ethnocentrism was very interesting from chapter 3. The book talks about being a apart of a certain culture exposes you to a predetermined disposition to the judgment of another group or person. It states that one may not even be consciously thinking about what he/ she is doing or saying. It is simply a matter of how other people who fit your demographic see the world and other people that are different to you. I think the best way for me to explain from chapter 4 would be to give an example. The differences between business men of different cultures and countries and how they interact was very intriguing to me. Even something so simply such as receiving a business card and not carefully looking at it and also putting it away in a good place is a big part of Japanese business culture

Post one

The first two chapters for this curse I found particularly interesting especially because these things having to do with communication between cultures happens in daily life. However as someone who is apart of a diverse culture in America I never really took a step back and realized how often I follow these unspoken rules of communication. Such as that simply being raised by your parents gives you a preset to how you would treat different ethnicity’s, genders, or cultures. They don’t even need to be be hurtful thoughts or ways to treat other people you are just raised to discretely feel that way towards a person or group of people and not even mean to do so. The most interesting part of the two chapters is how two different cultures interact with each other. I loved the example in class that was used with the difficulties of American business men integrating into the Japanese work force.
My name is Elliott Rubio and I play for the men’s soccer team here at UVU. I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and I am 21 years old. I am also a triplet and my brothers names are Isaiah and Austin, I am the youngest of the three. I love the outdoors and pretty much anything sports related. For me coming out to Utah for school and soccer was one of the best decisions I have ever made.