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I think that there should definitely be laws that accommodate to other languages. Our country especially is founded from immigrants and for that reason alone we should definitely have open arms to immigrants and have laws that are specifically meant to either aid them or better guides them in our country.
I have not stated my service learning project yet, but I was thinking about going to a local middle school and volunteering to help out with extra curricular activities. I think that would be great because I love helping kids in sports and a lot them come to the uvu soccer games so I also think may be just as fun for them to get to know me.

Chapter 3 &4 orverview

I thought that the concept of Ethnocentrism was very interesting from chapter 3. The book talks about being a apart of a certain culture exposes you to a predetermined disposition to the judgment of another group or person. It states that one may not even be consciously thinking about what he/ she is doing or saying. It is simply a matter of how other people who fit your demographic see the world and other people that are different to you. I think the best way for me to explain from chapter 4 would be to give an example. The differences between business men of different cultures and countries and how they interact was very intriguing to me. Even something so simply such as receiving a business card and not carefully looking at it and also putting it away in a good place is a big part of Japanese business culture

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The first two chapters for this curse I found particularly interesting especially because these things having to do with communication between cultures happens in daily life. However as someone who is apart of a diverse culture in America I never really took a step back and realized how often I follow these unspoken rules of communication. Such as that simply being raised by your parents gives you a preset to how you would treat different ethnicity’s, genders, or cultures. They don’t even need to be be hurtful thoughts or ways to treat other people you are just raised to discretely feel that way towards a person or group of people and not even mean to do so. The most interesting part of the two chapters is how two different cultures interact with each other. I loved the example in class that was used with the difficulties of American business men integrating into the Japanese work force.
My name is Elliott Rubio and I play for the men’s soccer team here at UVU. I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and I am 21 years old. I am also a triplet and my brothers names are Isaiah and Austin, I am the youngest of the three. I love the outdoors and pretty much anything sports related. For me coming out to Utah for school and soccer was one of the best decisions I have ever made.